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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 26, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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how long do we gotta stay up here? till mama comes back with the dog poop and cherry bombs. -- captions by vitac -- . good evening. it's tuesday november 26. i'm. this is bay area new at 7 and we begin tonight with breaking new. bart is experiencing major delays between san francisco and the east bay. the problem started just before 630 this evening. there is a piece of metal on the tracks and the entrance to the tube. one train hit a metal object and was damaged. that train has been taken out
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of service. the metal appears to be in contact with the third rail. this point trains are being single tracked through the tube and that is causing delays. no word yet on when full service may be restored. you can see a stopped train and an aweful a lot of people on that platform. they are single track allege through the tube leading to major delays. west oakland is the final stop on the east bay before it goes underneath the water. the most heavily used bart station in the entire system. we are staying on top of this breaking news and will bring you up dates as to when the situation is resolved. happening now hundred of people gathering at a candlelight memorial of a football coach who died last week trying to help others after a traffic accident.
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he spent nearly 30 years at johnf kennedy high school. he was still teaching. we are told he planned to return as an assistant football coach next season. >> he personal saved my life. i was heading down a rough path and he sat me down and showed me how to be a man. >> he was an awesome teacher and person. >> here's a look at the scene. he was killed early saturday as he got out of a car to direct traffic away from an accident. now a teenagers is near death after being struck by a car. it happened sunday on north white avenue and highland near james wick high school. >> pray for is the campaign friends are circulating privately on instagram. >> she was a beautiful girl and
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i loved her and this is the way she wanted it. >> but her boyfriend says he started mourning sunday night after she was declared brain dead at the hospital. >> we are still in shock. >> ortiz was the last person to see her sunday night. she was hit by a mini-van after she left his house. it was pitch black so she only heard the impact. >> she got hit hard right here ended up over there. >> she was thrown 100 feet. she landed in front of the high school where she is a freshman. he was advise burglary shaking so they called 911. >> it is upsetting to go and see an empty chair where you are used to seeing someone. >> the accident is devastating to students and at minute straiters. >> a new cross walk was
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installed just a few weeks ago but she did not use it sunday night. tonight her boyfriend blames himself for not driving her home. >> seeing her out there like that i wish i could have told her the last thing i really wanted to. >> told to keep an eye out for students that were acting strangely and that's because there is a lot of miss information floating around about this accident causing some students to start mourning while others still hold out hope she will recover. in san jose. >> people are sending their condolences to the family on her facebook page. a suspect is under arrest after a person was stabbed today on board a train in sunny vail. it was reported this afternoon near the ring wood avenue
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station. numerous stab wounds. there were 30 people on the train at the time. since the stabbing happened on a train the sheriff's department is leading the investigation. continuing coverage the fall out from this crash involving a san francisco fire truck and motor cyclist. the firefighter at the wheel is accused of being drunk. now five other may be facing disciplined yes, siree action. their union calls this case unprecedented. >> surveillance video obtained show the june 29 crash in which a ladder truck strikes a motor cyclist sending him slamming into a fire hydrant. firefighter later tested well above the legal blood capital limit. he's since resigned and at least five firefighters face something. >> we do believe some of this is excessive. >> a source tells received
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letters from chief wife siting their inattentiveness and lack of initiate. after the crash quinn visited this bar a few feet from the accident and disappeared for hours. >> there are promote o coles in place for a firefighter down or missing in a building. this is a completely different situation. >> we viewed video of a man sources say is quinn in a bar and consuming up to nine glasses of water and to refill a water pitcher. quinn's crew did their best to treat the motor cyclist and keep track of the firefighter. >> i think our members did the best they could with everything that was going on and everything they faced. >> a spokesperson declined comment describing the case as a personal matter. in san francisco, david. more details now we'll show
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you a photo of the motor cyclist. his injuries included a punctured lung and broken rib. he's been hospitalized more than once and is still trying to recover. two suspects appeared to face murder charges. william stood behind a glass wall in the courtroom. his former wife stood behind her attorney. irvin are being charged with first degree murder for the death of steven and once married and had divorced months before he was found stabbed to death in 19 iowa state. at a new conference today in dublin his family expressed relief. >> i can't describe what we are feeling. we finally that's all i can say is finally. >> irvin and are being held without bail. their arraignment is set for december 19. they have no idea yet what
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motivated two gunman to spray bullets on a street corner. seven people wounded and one remains in critical condition. one of the shooters used a hand gun the other a rifle when they opened fire on a bbq. a $35,000 reward is now being offered for information in this case. the oakland teenagers set on fire on a bus three weeks ago is set to leave the hospital in time of for thanksgiving. the boy accused of starting the fire back in court today. his attorney is trying to have the case moved to juvenile court. >> richard thomas' family left saying nothing but the oakland high school student regrets setting him opportunity fire. on november 4 on a bus the skirt she was wearing was set
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on fire and she suffered serious leg burns. this morning gave me good news. >> we are expecting her to be home on wednesday. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow right. >> what does that feel like. >> it feels great. >> home in time for a small thanksgiving celebration. >> we have a friend coming over bringing a precooked meal. >> back at the court house the 16-year-old's responsibility for of the injuries. >> the security footage from the bus makes that very clear. there is no question about who is responsible in this case. >> to have the case tried instead of adult court where it kernel is. >> he thought there would be a puff of smoke and everybody would laugh. he was horrified. >> supplements moving the case to juvenile court. >> they are not the only members of the gay community who feel that way. >> told me her parents support
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moving the trial it's beautiful and their hearts go out to her and the family. in oakland i'm james. we have an update on brian the bay area badly beaten. the court papers now show he meets 17 medications a day. his parents have been caring for him at their home. he was punched and suffered tram quick brain injuries. the dodgers are asking the judge to rule if the team is liable before the court addresses the you are of the damages. offered americaned inches in the quarrel report. the companies but sales were better than expected. it made $1.4 billion in profit in quarter sales and it's turn around is on track. shares are up 5%. another milestone the dow closed up a fraction and for
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the first time in 13 years. commerce department said is at it's fast yes pace in five years. >> it will start selling in the u.s. next tuesday one month ahead of schedule. the starts at $179 without a contract. morrella is trying to compete with the high end phones but it's devices don't work on the faster net works. they are owned by google. honored it's promise to eliminate that showed the body of a teen age homicide victim. the new google map shows a cross where he was killed in richmond. his father spoke to channel 2 earlier after he saw the satellite image. after our story aired google reached out to the father promising to update the map and will bring new clues in solving the case. san francisco's mayor
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answers tough question about housing and eviction rates and what the city is doing to provide affordable housing. bart riders are disappearancing heavy delays but there has been an improvement in the situation. bay area unwanted pets this thanksgiving. see how the holiday season ties into it. what the computer models say about the holiday weekend. i'll have the details.
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back to breaking news happening in oakland and there is a change in the situation to report. trains are moving through that station after they have been stopped for the past 45 minutes because a piece of metal was showing down service.
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we've learned that piece has been removed in just the past minutes or so but the delays that came as eight unearned result of stopped trains through west owningland persist. these live pictures show us thousands are being delayed but again the good news tonight the metal object has been removed and the situation at the west oakland bart station is improving. a spike? evictions made some tough questions today for san francisco mayor edly and the city's response for growing housing problems. neighbors say they really frustrated about rising rent and the growing rate of eviction. >> take a lock at this mural a visual representation of just how frustrated some are over those evictions and blamed on real estate driving up the cost of property around san francisco. >> residents say they are seeing the city change right
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before their eyes. high costs are forcing out existing tenants to make ways for those who can pay top dollar. >> in a matter of those two years i have seen two families being evicted. >> high professional cases have made headlines and supervisors are asking the mayor what he's doing about it. >> construction and plan for the new future. >> kernel 20% of what is being built in the city is perm intentionally affordable housing and working class families. >> the mayor pointed to properties like this one on sixth street to convert into affordable housing as a step in the right direction. real estate speculators are driving up prices which let's landlord legally evict tenants.
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>> we believe our economy and the way the situation has progressed with the speculators affords us a good policy call that the state ought to consider giving san francisco a break. >> meanwhile the city is considering new legislation from supervisor converting and rented inlaw units to free up as many as 20 to 40,000 units city bide. we are live in san francisco. court documents inducted indicate he had a small arsenal of weapons. the court papers say he had a 12 gauge shotgun, anar 15 assault rifle and three handguns. he was arrested at his girlfriend's house and charges including and is kernel free on $9,000 bail. he was acquitted of murder for the shooting death of 17-year-
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old trayvon martin. president obama spent his day in southern california telling them their business is important to u.s. economic interest at home and abroad. southern california's entertainment industry is an engine that provides hundreds of thousands of middle class jobs. it took a matter of seconds a significant amount of diamonds during a smash and grab robbery. a masked man walked in at about 5 yesterday evening and used a tire iron to break a display case and grabbed all he could. described the man of being in his 20s with a white mask, gloves and. for the holiday season managers say they have security officers who don't appear to be
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shopping. victims need to be aware of what's going on around them. >> we are using our smart phones. we are talking and texting while we are talking. you need to think about your surroundings. >> you can help avoid break ins by keeping your purchases with you. trouble in toy land according to watch dog groups released it's 28th annual report on toy safety. found toys for sale with elevated they can harm children's hearing and parts so small they can lead to choking. a toilet paper roll small enough to swayl everywhere. bay area shelters are filling up. 15 dogs were abandoned over night at one shelter. shelter workers say they have
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1765 abandoned dogs. a pit bull or. left out in the cold as owners feel the pinch of the holidays. >> as it gets closer there are people that can't care for their pets. >> pets at county shelters are adopted quickly or put down. animal rescue does not euthanize. it recess could you see trying to keep them alive while collecting food to distribute to pet owners during the holiday. bearing down on the east coast. snow rain and wind all threaten major disruptions for holiday travel. eliminate rebooking fees if you want to change which is expected to peek tomorrow. forecasters predict wind could force the grounding and the huge balloons at the macy's parade. and we've got clouds out
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there. you notice them all day. even more clouds moved in and you can see all the clouds. here's one and you see a break and here comes the thursday system and fortunately it's not going that way. it's going to drop south and that's why we are not expecting wet weather. just clouds for thanksgiving. the rain wants to stay off shore. 49 in fairfield, so it's pretty mild. day time highs today got into the mid 60s. 64 in santa rosea. highs tomorrow will be a little bit warmer. less sunshine but a little bit warmer. over night lows pretty chill aeye so low on 40s and that'll get you maybe frost. it would be colder if we didn't have the cloud cover. it's going to keep us warmer.
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9:00 a.m. there's the clouds and then afternoon partly cloudy mostly cloudy and now we go into thursday. there's the system and watch what it does. it just goes the other way. that was our rain that went that way. that's not what's supposed to happen. you would expect it tommying rate through to the east. so for us it looks like clouds an dry. we might see as that thing bumps closer to us a drizzle or wet weather but not much. 64 walnut creek so they are slightly warmer than they were today. san jose mid 60s. 62 degrees in san francisco. lots of high clouds over head and middle clouds and another dry day for the most part. wednesday and thursday more
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clouds and right in here maybe a chance for wet weather south of san jose. friday it starts to clear out and your weekend turns out to be nice. there's your five day forecast. a happy ending for a puppy in distress. the rescue lots of people are hoping to take this little guy home. ahead why users have a new video watch their language. would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears?
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i'd rather have food. [gasp] let's make a late night foody call and get - my munchie meal with the new hella - peño burger. it's loaded with sliced and stuffed jalapeños, melting cheese, and spicy taco sauce. i'll eat it with my... sppoooooonnnnn haaaaaands! what? i can't hear you... talk into my elbow!
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adorable puppy survived more tan a week in a storm drain is winning a lot of hearts in texas. pulled out yesterday after several attempts to save him. he was finally included into a trap with food. his mother is a stray that gave birth near by. there's been so much interest in stormy they'll have to hold a drawing to see who gets them. up load videos of themselves. it wants a clean safe and fun environment. some gamers accuse the company pointing out some of the game user rated language. the bands are temporary and eventually allowed back on line. thank you for making us
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your choice for new. we'll see you next time. tonight a heartless act along san francisco's water front. how a woman's pet ended up in the waters of the bay. keep in mind you can always visit us on line and up next on t.v. 36.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> marc anthony is paying jennifer lopez a ton of child support. twist, dayanara torres, marc anthony's first crappys living in a hovel in the valley. >> to say they're living terribly on $13 grand a month is a stretch. >> she has a full-time nanny and doesn't work. this lady is an idiot. >> we hate you, dayanara. sayonara dayanara! >> paris hilton. >> we were told you made no money from your sex tape. >> she'll walk away from tens of millions of dollars. so let's talk about the holes in this. hole one.


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